VICE Motherboard Presents: Taxi 2.0

If you live in San Francisco, there’s no doubt you’ve seen a pink-mustache-clad Prius driving around in the city. Hell, chances are you’ve probably gotten in one after a late night at El Rio. These peer to peer transportation companies—often referred to as rideshares—have been making a huge presence in the Bay Area and other cities worldwide. Lyft, Sidecar and Uber, all Bay-based companies, are at the forefront of this industry. They claim to be cheaper, faster and friendlier than traditional cabs. However, ridesharing’s popularity is equally matched by its controversy. These companies pose a serious threat to the taxi industry, which provides rides to everyone else without a smartphone. Taxis are required to undergo extensive rules, while rideshares are significantly unregulated in comparison. And aside from just competition, taxi proponents say these rideshares are unsafe for the public. In the midst of this drama, drivers on both sides of the playing field struggle just to put bread on the table. 

Taxi 2.0 is a short documentary not just about the heated war between taxis and ride shares; it’s about the lives of drivers caught in the crosshairs.

producer: max maddox

associate producer: jason garcia

writer: ben mitchell

director of photography: asger ladefoged

additional filming: jarod taber & jason garcia

edited by: jarod taber

sound design: gabe romero

music: shlohmo

premiere on vice motherboard: