F/W 2014 Campaign for Kindly Souls

McCalman Co. –

"Kindly Souls sprung from founder, Amy Keeler’s love for fashion and personal style. Working in hospitals and out-patient settings for nearly two decades, much of her time has been spent doing exactly what she loves. But as a lifelong believer in personal expression through clothing, she endured the day-to-day struggle of donning scrubs and heading off to work while leaving her identity behind. After years of being limited to pajama-like, cookie-cutter options to tops splashed with teddy bears and cartoons all made from cheap fabrics, there was the hope of something more. So from the desire to elevate medical wear and inject some much-needed style and individuality into the healthcare industry, Kindly Souls was born.

At the core is a firm belief that we are all individual and unique beings—kindly souls sent out into the world providing compassion, understanding, friendship, sympathy, a smile, and all those other things that make us people who love to care for others. And what better way to do this than with the incorporation of who we are as people into our image—tying in our histories, experiences, joys, heartbreaks and losses—all necessary in order to provide and convey our compassion and kindness effectively and completely."

producers: george mccalman & amy keeler

creative director: jarod taber

dp / editor: jarod taber

photographer: daniel dent