My name is Jarod Taber (also known as William).

I am 27 years old.

I live and work as a Creative Director and Strategist in New York City.

My favorite color is blue.

When I was younger I aspired to be an Interior Designer. It could still happen.

People say you're only as good as the work you've done. My thinking, rather, is we should grab a cup of coffee and talk ideas.

My clients include Vice Media, SONOS, Levi's, 
Levi's Skateboarding, Sub Pop Records, Captured
Tracks, Article One Eyewear, Houghton NYC, Dame Products, [reads] delivery,  EM Kelly and many more.

My partner and I also have a "weekends" project called Wash & Fold NYC. This is where we get to do all of the fun stuff, both in and out of the digital world.


e. jarodtaber@gmail.com